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Vancouver Barclay Hotel + Route English version

Barclay Hotel

Introducing the Berkeley Hotel.

Stayed from 5.12 to 5.15, 2023



This hotel Facing Robson Street.

downtown vancouver.

nearest station is Vancouver city center

It's a 15 minute walk. 


Because there are many shops on the street

I don't feel the distance .


You can also access it from Burrad Station.

No transfer from the airport

Vancouver city center is recommended. 

Access from the airport 

 In front of the airport building

There is a skytrain station.

to Vancouver city center station

About 25 minutes.


Since the airport station is

the first train You can't go wrong. 

Access from Vancouver city center station

Skytrain is a two-car train.

It is an unmanned train.

It runs on the ground around the airport,

but It will soon become a subway. 


Trains are short, so stations are small.

The station has one exit. (as far as i know) 


 After exiting the station, turn left.

Turn left at the first corner.

Passing left and right in front of

it is Robson Street.

Turn right on Robson Street Straight.


Although it is renovated it's a very old hotel.

Therefore there is no elevator. 


Even so, it is a three-story building.

Carry a heavy suitcase

when checking out It's just hard

when going down stairs. 


when you open the entrance door

up to the lobby there are about 10 steps of stairs. 



No refrigerator.

It was a one bed room.

It seems that there is a room for two people.

There is an ice bucket in the room .

mezzanine? I'm going to go get it

from the ice machine. 

check in

I arrived around 11:00.

Check-in is from 14:00.

They will keep your suitcase for you.

 I have a room that has already been cleaned .

I was able to check in as is.

It's a small hotel with 85 rooms.

The neighborhood is flexible.

reasonable price 

The hotel's evaluation was about 3.5. 

It doesn't have an elevator

not equipped with a refrigerator,

restaurants, gyms etc.

Added value plus alpha.

I think it's because there isn't one. 


I chose this place anyway that

the price is reasonable.

According to the hotel website

1 bedroom

Winter price 64C$

Summer price 119C$ 


I think it depends on the booking site etc.

It is attractive to be able to stay

for less than 100 C$ per night.

It is sold-out when searching Only 1 room left.

It is recommended to suppress it early. 

Tourist access

stanley park, English Bay Beach ,

within walking distance.

You can go for a walk.

Bus to English Bay Beach

Passing through Robson Street.


To Granville Island crosses Robson Street,

no transfer from Granville Street by bus No. 50 


It is a short walk from Waterfront Station,

which is one station next. go to Gastown. 


From Waterfront Station if you take the sea bus.

You can also go to North Vancouver.

It is convenient to go anywhere. 


There are many restaurants on Robson Street.

Restaurants, fast food etc.

no need to find a place to eat .

There is also a supermarket, which is convenient. 


Click here for the hotel website 

About the weather in Vancouver this season

I used to check the application on my phone every day.

Daytime weather was around 77°F (25℃)

I thought long sleeves would be fine. 


Good weather during my stay

about 86℉(30℃) during the daytime.

I needed half sleeves. 


After i return Tokyo it was 77℉.(25℃)

Choice of what to wear It's also gambling.


On Robson Street , casual and high brand

There are various shops.


If you want to buy clothes

for the time being while traveling

Old navy, MUJI, etc. reasonable shops are

also on the same street. 


If you want to enjoy an elegant hotel life

maybe not.

In terms of cheapness and convenience

I think it's the best performance.

would i choose again? YES